WILD CLAY WORKSHOP                                                                              

As part of Cley19 this workshop aims to reduce the stresses of life and it’s ailments. Participants will be introduced to hand processed wild clay from the Norfolk Coast and guided in the sculptural recreation of a chosen body part where strength is needed. For example, someone suffering from a knee pain may sculpt their knee, or someone suffering from PMS may sculpt their womb.

The encouragement of primitive exploration within this process will use found tools provided by nature to sculpt their items. Partakers can take as little or as long as they like on this stage of the workshop. To complete the activity participants will then be expected to return their clay to the earth, through burying the unfired piece on the beach or dissolving it in the sea. Their works, themselves and the workshop then has the potential to take on a slightly performative aspect for others who happen to be using the beach at that time.

For people in need of meditative quiet through the guidance of wild clay. No previous clay experience needed.

Free / 7 July / Cley Beach / 12 Noon

Limited spaces - booking essential

TO BOOK FILL IN A FORM VIA:                                                                       contemporaryartcley@gmail.com

(Workshop length approx' 2.5 hours)